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Video of a Problem

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  1. Jess' Blog. says:

    I would like to know why they didn’t build more parking areas for this mall, especially because it’s so big. When you look at a mall like Metrowtown there’s multiple areas for parking. Is it just a bad area that the mall was built in? Hmm…

  2. chrisharcus says:

    That was a good video. I don’t think we were allowed to use pans, but your shots of the cars helped to demonstrate the issue effectively.

  3. Kari Michaels says:

    Interesting responses. I’m surprised no one mentioned having transit available as an alternative to parking. It’s strange that they actually cut part of the parking spaces available and are now creating more.
    Also, despite the background noise from cars the audio was quite clear.

  4. SamHale says:

    You did a somewhat good job showing the issue. Your shots of cars pulling in got better as the video went on. Your video would have been improved if your subjects had a bit more to say, but I suppose that your at the mercy of anyone willing to talk on camera. Still, a good job nonetheless.

  5. Omar Faruqi says:

    I love the stock footage you used. It really emphasized the pains of finding a parking spot at this mall. The panning wasn’t bad actually, considering you were doing it completely free hand.

  6. shawenglish says:

    And this is why i don’t go to aberdeen on weekends, I think part of the problem is that Richmond doesn’t have the option of underground parking, over all it was a good showing of the problem. the shots of cars lined up was very cool.

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