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FOI request

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Xin Li, Student

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

12666 72nd Ave

Surrey, B.C. V3W 2M8

Ph: (604)599-2100


Jun. 25, 2012


Sabina Kunkel

FOI Coordinator


Ph: (604)803-3199


Dear Ms. Kunkel:


Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, please provide me with:

  • Number of people caught of fare evasion on Canada Line in 2011
  •  The locations on where they were caught
  • Violators’ occupations, ages, nationality, and gender.

If there are problems releasing some portions of the documents requested, please do not withhold release of all the documents, but instead forward those you can release.

To avoid photocopying fees, you may provide me these records in PDF format – either via email or on CD.

If you have any concerns, please phone me at (604)599-2100.

Please advise me when the material is available for release.



Xin Li, Student

Kwantlen Polytechnic University



According to my friend who works at River Rock Casino which is very close to Canada Line Bridgeport Station, there were quite a lot passengers caught because of fare evasion recently. My FOI request is to find out the amount of people who has been caught and the location they are caught, therefore I can analyze the distribution of transit police on Canada Line. Also, from the information of the violators, I can analyze what type of person is more likely to violate fare evasion. I hope I can uncover which group of people tend to violate fare evasion more.



  1. vapa4 says:

    Your post seemed that it might be hard to find out that kind of information, considering that a location of being caught wouldnt really have much to do with the offence itself. Most people hop on and off the skytrain and it might take a few stops before transit security actually checks tickets. Unless you wanted to know which stations were more heavily policed and at what times. Needless to say the part that states which individual is more likely to offend is interesting. =)

  2. Hudaa M says:

    your requests seems interesting but I think asking for age and personal information isn’t relevant to the investigation because those who were caught can be less than 18 and according to the Canadian ethics, you can’t give out information of children under the age of 18.

  3. Hi Stephen,

    Interesting request. It would be nice to see more information in regards to fare evasion since it is often used by translink as one of the reasons to raise the fare.

    I’m a little concerned about the “Violator’s occupations, ages, nationality, and gender.” part. I don’t think they would be keen on giving you this information, for various privacy reasons including the one mentioned by Hudaa in the comments. Of course having the data is better than not having it, but I doubt it would lead to anything we don’t all ready know. Uncovering anything that goes against public assumption, such as that wealthy people are more likely to evade fare, would make an even more fascinating story than you perhaps intended, so I can see why you would want this info.

  4. Hi Stephen,

    I also agree that this is in interesting request, especially as this is an issue that puts a lot of financial strain on Translink. I would be interested to learn, either that for curiosity’s sake, what type of story/ blog post you’d like to produce with this sort of information. Would this be something that you’d like to do a series on? Or would it be for citizen action?

    I would also like to agree with the comments in front of mine. I think some of the items that you requested will be difficult to obtain.



  5. I’m excited about your request for simple fact that the introduction of fare gates irritates the hell out of me. I’ve heard that Translink loses very little money to fare evasion and the costly installment of the gates isn’t going to do anything to save the cost of policing the line.

    On another note, there was a good discussion on campus during a meeting for a group looking at developing something like Insite (a place to safely inject intravenous drugs) in Surrey about the impact the fare gates will have on people who live in Surrey who depend on the places that give out needles in Vancouver. They likely don’t pay for fares and the gates will mean they won’t be able to go to Vancouver and there’s the possibility HIV rates will rise in Surrey due to the sharing pf hypodermic needles.

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